Vanessa Rauscher joining GRIP

If you are reading this article, you are probably some one who also reads our magazine, and if you read our magazine, you will have also noticed that we have a new writer in our latest edition: Vanessa Rauscher.

Vanessa has been playing paintball since 2009 when she played her first paintball game when she was taken there as a birthday present. And contrary to what you might expect, she didn’t have as good of an experience as you would think.

Shortly after she played paintball again however, this time at a field nearer home, and this time she was hooked as she had a blast. She soon got asked to join a team called Inclement, with whom she trained twice a week and which was led by and trained by Filipe Almeida. He taught her everything she knows about paintball and really got her started in our sport.

vanessa rauscherPhoto by Nin.a.nna Photography


After not playing paintball for 2 years due to life catching up with her, last year Nina Anna invited her to play again at her Birthday paintball game which resulted ultimately in the two of them becoming really good friends and Vanessa playing paintball again, this time with the Saar Fanatics.

We are very much looking forward to Vanessa joining our team, not just because she is great to work with but also because she has a background in Media (she works for a German broadcast station in Germany). What kind of articles are you looking most forward to read from Vanessa keeping in mind the events she will visit will be ones around the area where she is based in South-West Germany?