First smartphone controlled Paintball board

Since Paintball is a sport and hobby where you use ever evolving equipment, there is a vast part of the paintball community that makes their own modifications to their equipment. Ranging from a “simple” custom design on for example a mask or marker, to custom double barreled markers and completely reworked loaders.

Tempest Etek5 grip

From this modding community one member, by the name of Rainer Dünsch, has developed an electronic paintball marker board with blue tooth connection (and iOS app to go along with it) for the Planet Eclipse Etek 5 called “Tempest”. The Tempest enables you to use your smartphone to adjust the settings of your Etek 5.

Tempest with BLE module

Before you get too excited, the “Tempest” project at this moment in time is a project that Rainer has only just done for himself because, well,  he could. This means therefore that this isn’t a board you can order from a retailer at the moment even though you can download the iOS app as Rainer has been so kind to make the app along with the instructions on how to make this board yourself publicly available.

tempest iOS app imagetempest iOS app image2

If Rainer can make a bluetooth paintball board and an app to control it by smartphone, we are sure that Planet Eclipse, Empire, Dye and Smart parts can (to name but a few of the marker manufacturers). How long will it take them, or a company like virtue or techT, to pick up on this idea and technology and make a smartphone controlled paintball board?

Read the original article by Rainer Dünsch here